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Hey David:

I bought several of your speakers last year, and I have to say they are the best sounding speakers out today. I A/B'd your speakers against the Celestion Greenback, Celestion Alnico Blue (Vox), Peavey's Sheffield EVH speaker, and a vintage Altec 417. Your speaker came out on top!!! I pulled my Vox Blues out of my '63 AC30 and replaced them with your speakers, and it sounds awesome!!! Your speaker has a cleaner sound to my ears than the Vox Blue, and your speaker had excellent breakup. Reminds me a bit of the vintage Jensen speakers, but better sounding.......
Everyone should know about these great sounding speakers!!! I haven't to this day heard a speaker that sounds better than a Naylor........... Every cabinet I have now are loaded with Naylors. I pulled out all the greenbacks out of my marshall cabs, and loaded it with Naylors. I think I have tried every speaker made to mankind looking for a distinctive sound, and your speaker has it all. Sounds great clean and sounds great dirty, couldn't find any faults in it at all, and I put them through some extreme tests with different effects, power settings and that speaker just shines through with anything I throw at it, which is something I have had trouble with in the past with other manufacture's speakers. Some speakers sound good clean, but when you start to add a bit of distortion through them they no longer sound that great, or vice versa. I even tried it against the new Celestion Century speaker that everyone is talking about, your speaker is better. The bottom line in my opinion is that the Naylor speaker is the ultimate guitar speaker with wonderful characteristics, it really is the ONLY speaker to use. Thank you for making such a great product Dave!!!!!!!!

Keith Sharp Guitarist Come Together Nov. 2003


The head cabinet for my Super Club 38 arrived today, ........It looks just great, and it fits like a glove....... Thanks so much for your great work on this. I can't recall being so satisfied with any piece of equipment since I got this amplifier.........You'll certainly hear from me again with another request before long. --------

Mark Williams Aug. 2003


Hi David,
...........I think Naylors are the most underrated amps out there. My favorite amp is
a 50 watt Marshall from 1972 and I wanted to get something else and I found
this Naylor that I'm playing now. I was going to get a Matchless Clubman but
the Naylor was so much sweeter.

Tony Francis Dec. 2001


I have been researching amplifiers for a while and recently heard a Naylor
Super Club 38 at a music store. The owner had just bought it and was
showing it off. Unfortunately the guy wouldn't sell it to me... what an
amazing sound!............

Kevin Bford Mar. 2000


Dear Sir:

........Naylor had just closed their doors when I played my first Super Drive Sixty.
Needless to say , I was blown away with the tone (preferred it over the Matchless and Kendrick sitting next to it) and was sad to hear of the closing.
I wish you the best of luck with Naylor's return to the market.

Thanks again for your time...

Kevin Howren Feb. 2000


Pertaining to the Product reviews at Harmony Central, I have checked them
out. I have recordings which feature the Super Drive 60 in action. This is
a great sounding head!!!!!! I have been researching adding another amp to
my set-up......and after much thought I am leaning towards the Super Drive 60
head with the 5881's in the power amp section. Andy had one Super Drive
60 that had EL34's in the power amp section, plus he had one modded for
channel switching functions.....this head simply put --> ROCKS!!!!!!

Jay Green Mar. 2000


Here's a live pic of myself playing with Rick Springfield. We have
both used Naylor Super Sixty amps on the road for at least two years
logging over a million air miles with them. They are in regular
flight cases and I have watched baggage handlers drop them from as
high as 10 or 12 feet. They have NEVER failed us for over 300 shows.
Rick's last album "Alive" was recorded with these two amps as well.
........ I've never seen any amp handle this kind of abuse especially a tube amp.

Dave Whiston Guitarist Rick Springfield Band Jun. 2001



.........I love the Naylor tone and everything about it.
It's simply the best amplifier that I've ever plugged into. I have a
Diezel VH4, Bogner Ecstacy and have owned amps from the likes of ENGL,
Orange, Mesa, Fender, Marshall and a slew of others that I can't think
of at the moment. I just have to say those amps can't touch the Naylors
in regard to PURE TONE. I feel fortunate that I'm able to buy back the
one I sold. I want to buy that Dual 60 after I sell one of my amps
right now. It will end up being my main gigging amplifier. That's how
much I like this product.

Thanks for your time,

Dale E. Breithaupt Oct. 2003


Hello to the Fine folks at Naylor,

I have a Super Club 38 head, and love it. It gets played anywhere from the House of Blues in Chicago to many southside clubs throughout Chicago metro. This is my main amp in an arsenal with Top Hat, Dr Z and Bad Cat amps. I sometimes will play/switch through two amps when I need a cleaner tone along with the savage tone of my Club 38. However I don't mind the clean tone of the Naylor.........

Hey, thanks for staying with the amp production. It is truly the best boutique amp that can cover small and large clubs in one package with a great price compared to other boutique amps on the market. It really nails great tone at lower volumes, and cleans up nice with the guitar volume rolled back.

Thanks for your time and considerations

Mike Martos Dec. 2003


Hello friends, I have a pair of your Special Design 12" in my 66 Black Face Twin Reverb, and to say they are Great would be an under statement! The Jensen's that were stock in the amp made that amp sound bad, I almost didn't buy the amp because of it. After installing a pair of your speakers, which the amp owner had laying around, I was blown away by the tone improvement. I immediately bought the amp with the Naylors installed before he could change his mind. I have had so many complements about the Twins great tone from so many music professionals, (at NAMM shows etc.) I love telling them the story I just shared with you.........

We here at Sound Enhancer wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very successful New Year. I am so glad to see Naylor alive and well. You build a great amp, and thanks for saving my Twin.

Thank you

Harold Smith Jr.
President Sound Enhancer, Inc. Dec. 2003


Hello David

Attached is a shot of my Naylor SD60 I will be looking down the road to land a Naylor 2 X 12 in the matching purple tolex....... "Fender to Marshall tones, the SD60 hands down is a winner. There is not a bad tone to be found in this amp, David you have yourself a great amp line here!!"

Jay Green Guitarist BlackMoon Jan. 2004


Hey David,

Amazing amps you have here. The Superdrive60 is the amp to end all other amps. They are so pure, the tone is unreal. This could be the best strat amp ever, the thickness is unmatched. I tried so many amps before finally finding out about Naylor and getting the best tone I've ever heard.
One of the main things I enjoy about it is that it sounds different than any other amp. Naylor has it's own thing going on. Sure, there are hints of bassman, and a dose of vintage plexi, and the punch of a hiwatt, but overall these are the most original sounding amps out today. The effects loop is as pure as the tone of this amp. Thanks for keeping this great company alive and kicking.

Brad Moore Oct. 2004


LOVE IT! Thanks, David.

My Dual 60 is just amazing. Great punch with this fat, warm tone. From the lows, through the mids, to the highs, this amp is just it for me.

Brian Oaks Seattle Studio Guitarist
The Madison House Studios Oct. 2004


Hi Dave, I just bought this amp from Jeni Day who just got your new Super 60. I`m from NH and used to be a session guy for radio commercials......this amp sounds better (to my ears anyway) than all the Two Rocks I`ve owned along with the entire Bogner fold. I`m running Telefunken smooth plates in V1-V3 and a Philips 12AX7WA in the PI and it`s fat as hell or can rip your head off like a Marshall on roids. I`ll be moving to Louisiana this spring, and hope to get back into session work. I`ll be looking for a channel switcher at that time......Keep up the good work, and I`ll do my best to spread the word since I`ve wanted one of these since the 90`s when a shop called Guitar Warehouse had them..........
Take Care

Pete Bogash Dec. 2004


Got the's beautiful! I polished up the corners, put on new rubber feet, it looks like a new amp! This is the best amp in the house. Much louder than the two 50 watt blackface Fenders, which are headed for ebay. Ditto for the tweed bassman clone. Louder, better tone, and better signal to noise ratio. The Naylor is so versatile, I can play through 1,2, or 4 12" speakers, and the tone really suits my blues-rock style of playing.
............. Thanks for the top notch service. If I were still in a touring band, I'd get another amp just like it, and leave the pedals at home!

Dave Knox May 2005


David, I got the speaker today. Thank you! That was FAST.

I had bought a Clark Beaufort Special and knew your speaker would bring the little guy to life. Also, I am still enjoying the 2x12 cab you made for me last time. My Germino never sounded so good!

anyway, thanks again

Jose Vera April 2006


Hi David,.

For years, I've just assumed that getting an amp to provide me with a sparkling clean channel and the perfect distortion was impossible. I thought that I would have to purchase two different amplifiers. Thanks to Naylor, I have been proven wrong! I am finally satisfied with my set-up!

Chris Mongillo J minus May 2007



.......There is a reproduction fender bassman cab at a nearby recording studio/rehearsal space that has your speakers in it and they sound amazing. nobody knew they were your speakers until i opened it up to find out what was inside so i could make another one.
they all thought they were celestions.

P Zung

Patrick Zung May 2007


Hi David,

Got the speaker today, installed it in my Fender Super Champ, now I'm in heaven. I had purchased a Fender Champ II awhile back that had a Naylor 1040 and really liked the sound of it. So I wanted to try out the 1040 in my Super Champ.

Wow, this is a great sounding speaker with tight, powerful and focused bass, sweet mids and just the right top end. Those reissue Jensens just aren't what they're cracked up to be. You have made me a believer.

Thanks a million!



Tom Roach May 2007


Hi David,

.....I've been using a Dual 60 212 Combo for years now. ......

I love the versatility of my Naylor. I can get the smoothest, punchie'st sounds that drive songs along with authority, crunchy riffs that grab your attention. I love my Naylor almost as much as my wife!

take care -

PS - thanks for a great amp.

Sean Wright Nov 2007


Just tried the amp. I don't even have words to express how it sounds!!!!!!! I've had so many crazy amps. Diezel, soldano, splawn, axe fx. You name it. This thing destroys all of them at EVERY tone. Love it. ....... Thanks again! :)

Taylor Larson July 2013


David, it just landed. I love this thing, unbelievable tone and control. All my pedals work in my normal set up no ones unhappy and I don't get the local radio stations which is a good thing.

My board is:
FX loop; Alesis Nano Compressor, JHS Panther, Boss DD7.
Front of Amp; Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, JHS Pulp N Peel, Sweet Tea, Honey Dipper, MXR Smart Gate.

As stated above the whole klan is happy in their positions and very controllable. ......

A Very Happy Duane Crymes June 2013


Hi Dave,

The SD-60 that we have in stock at our showroom sounds AMAZING!

We all love the amp.

Every person visits here said the same.

I just wanted to let you know that.

All the best,

Takahiro Tamaya

Musette Japan ..... (Our Distributor in Japan) June 2013


Just want to say thanks for creating these Amps.. I'm sold on mine.
Love the tone and all it's capabilities.
Check out my facebook page if you have a sec. Your product is in alot of my photos.

Nothing but the best.


Ryan DeSiato. April 2013


got the amp man! AMAZING! as always!

really sweet creamy awesome naylor tone.

it's actually quieter than my old one, which i love, because i prefer to run these as hot as possible for more power tube work. so it's nice to be able to crank it a bit more. ...... this new amp crushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you so much for helping me get my rig up and running strong!


Nick Perri Guitarist Silvertide / Perry Farrells Satellite Party Shinedown / The Darling Stilettos / Sinai June 2013


Dave, I have bought this amp new with a matching 212 cab and custom amp covers.I have twenty amps from tweed to blackface to tone king to a matchless d-30 and this amp hangs with the best of them! Thank you for your help

I also have Marshalls

Marshall Leigh Nov. 2011


Hi David,

thanks a lot for your answer.
A few month ago, I got two 12'-Special Design Naylor Speaker from Ben Granfelt (sprucefield). Since then, I play these speakers and nothing else. They sound really really good. I've got other stuff like old VOX blue speaker and Celestions, but nothings sounds as good as the Naylors.
It's a miracle for me why Ben replaced them with Celestions V30.

Now I heard in youtube the "Super-Club 38". Wow ! I am an absolut Naylor fan ! The guy played it with an old tele. Phantastic. .....

Thanks a lot.
And have a good time ...

Michael from Germany, Stuttgart

Michael Metz Sep. 2011


hi ho,

I don't normally show my appreciation for purchased equipment but in the early 90's Ken Fischer ran an article in Vintage Guitar mag regarding your speakers
- on Ken's advice I decided to try a pair out ... I'm an amp tech and have "heard" lots of speakers and my Naylor Custom 50's are at the top of my list - I find they just give a very natural sound with a Tweed circuit ...

I just want to give Mr. Naylor a big thanks/congrats ... the pair of Custom 50's are still rocking hard (very difficult to believe actually) and they have always sounded really smooth to my ears ... never have they ever come close to sounding annoying in any sort ... they're perfect - there, I said it :)

I'm sure you know that already ...

thanks - awesome stuff (!!)

JC Maillet June 2008


Hi again,
the Speaker has arrived last week through the customs, so everything is alright .... and like I expected it sounds fantastic.
Thanks again.
Greetings from Germany, Michael

Michael Mueller May 2008

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