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"Lots of old-Marshall-from-Texas presence, sweetness, and grit... ride your axe's volume for lead and rhythm... cuts through bass and drums like a Rambo knife through an overripe kiwi... more than get you money's worth here."
~ Guitar Player Magazine

"This is nothing short of amazing... miracle master volume... pulled off the impossible - reproducing a clipped, black-faced Twin Reverb, at levels that won't get you kicked out of your band."
~ Guitar World Magazine

"Clean sounds are clear and gutsy... the crunch is well defined... workmanship far outshines most competition."
~ Guitar Shop Magazine

"It sounds like a very, very good Plexi-Marshall with a strong dose of Tweed Bassman, but the Naylor always maintains its central and distinctive character... Its excellent tone and its exceptional handwork take it up to the top of the class... The amplifier appears to be built for eternity."
~ Guitar Magazine, Germany

"The Naylor (Special Design 50 speaker) delivers the tone and feel of an early sixties Jensen as promised... I got sweet clean tones, righteous dirty tones, and a nice midrange compression on leads."
~ Ken Fischer - Vintage Guitar Magazine

"The best Master-Volume amp I've ever heard! I easily nailed the Clapton 'Crossroads' tone."
~ Gene Greatti, author "The Underground Amp Book"

"Naylor Super Club-38... Cool tool, Punchy sweet tweed meets
'Vox' tone... 38 watt tube amp combo... Neato!"
~ Peter Crowell, 1996 NAMM
Top Ten Highlights,
Vintage Guitar Magazine

Naylor SD 50 Speaker review by Kin Fischer 1993 in PDF format

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Amp Reviews from Guitar Magazines

SC38 - Guitar Shop Feb. 1996

EV38 - Guitar Shop Jan. 1998

SD60 - Guitar Player 1994

SD60 - Guitar World Jun. 1995

SD60 - Guitar Magazine Germany

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