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We've combined years of research and development, with the best qualities of the most revered vintage amps, to create distinctly Naylor designs. These designs represent the pinnacle of handcrafted American quality, timeless styling, roadworthy construction and awe-inspiring tone.                                Click Here to download our 2015 price list - .PDF

NEWS: 11/26/13- Naylor welcomes new super dealer Killer Vintage.

Killer Vintage 3201 Ivanhoe Saint Louis, Missouri 63139

NEWS: 10/29/13- Check out our posts on our

Facebook page..................

NEWS: 7/25/13- Posted new Fan Mail here.

NEWS: 7/19/13- Posted a Naylor Hi Drive 100 early VH tone demo on the YouTube channel............YouTube

NEWS: 9/27/12- All Naylor Speakers are back in Stock and ready to order.

NEWS: 6/04/12- Update to Dealers list and Users Page.

NEWS: 7/26/11- Check out our YouTube Chanel for some videos and demos.



NEWS: 3/10/10- We will be posting Naylor video demos and info here and in a new video section of the web site.........this is the first......our Van Halen tone test using the new Naylor Hi Drive 100 hi gain amp is coming up next.


NEWS: 7/8/09- Added some Guitar Magazine reviews to the reviews page.

NEWS: 12/10/08- Posted some of the Hi Gain Amp test audio samples on the site they are in MP3 format and zipped into 6 different files each containing a ruff mix and a solo of the Naylor Hi Gain amp from the same ruff mix.....Download here....Naylor 1, Naylor 2, Naylor 3, Naylor 4, Naylor 5, Naylor 6......take a listen and let us know what you think.....The amp is in Version 1 prototype right now and is sounding great !!!!!

Naylor Engineering • P.O. Box 222058 • Dallas, Texas 75222-2058 • 214-628-4710
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